The Hub of Radionics, Dowsing and Energetic Tools.

Our mission is to help and empower everyone from farmers to private residents through to commercial sites like restaurants, schools, businesses and alternative practitioners from all over the world to clear detrimental energy allowing beneficial energy to flow in their environment and surroundings.

We specialise in practising and teaching dowsing and radionics. We are also the official Australian distributor for Twisted Sage copper and EMF tools and the official Australian distributor for KRT radionics which you'll find in our shop along with all things dowsing.

4 Day Combined RadionicsWorkshop

6 - 9 October 2022 

Ivory Palms Resort, 

Noosaville, QLD 

Happy and fulfilled clients

'I felt relaxed after the session and not exhausted which used to be the norm for me. Thank you for helping me. I feel good about myself again.'


'I feel that whatever was hanging around the upstairs of the house is gone, the energy is flowing much better. Thank you for clearing it away.'


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