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Let’s clear the air around what dowsing is and what it can be used for. It’s not a wild mystical power that only selected people have and it’s not a crystal ball that can foretell the future.


Most people associate dowsing with the common practice of using it to find the best spot to dig for water or to drill a well.

The basis of dowsing is energy. Finding it, working with it, using it and changing it. Energy is all around and despite not being able to see it, subtle energies can have an enormous influence on you and your daily life.  

Dowsing is not reserved for a selected few that have a ‘gift’. Everyone and I seriously mean everyone can dowse, it’s that simple. We all have access to this wider unseen world of energy. Dowsing uses the natural intuition that everyone has within them.


Dowsing is a skill that once learnt can provide you with the opportunity to receive answers regarding almost anything. From money to home and daily life, dowsing can give you the answers that you might otherwise not reach on your own.


We all face little challenges and a mountain of choices every single day. Things like stress, worry and doubt cloud our rational, logic minds and we are often lead astray by our emotions.


Dowsing allows you to remove your emotions from the picture and receive answers that are for the better good of all involved. With dowsing, you can forget about guesswork and receive answers that can be used to better your daily life.


Want to learn to do dowse yourself or want to equip yourself with a pendulum or other dowsing tools?

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