Tesla Coil & Reagent

Energy protector & stabilizer incl. Tesla Coil

Energy protector and stabalizer reagent

This homeopathic reagent is used after a house/property and personal clearing is done. After the clearing, where any and all detrimental energies are removed and cleared, this reagent is programmed to hold and stabilize the cleared space in the house/property, animals, humans, soil and plants and all living things. It establishes a protection field around the entire property and house for everybody in this space. It is also designed to keep the new energy flowing for the benefit of all and detriment of none.


Tesla Coil

The reagent tube is then activated using a Tesla coil by placing the reagent(s) directly onto the plate. This pure gold-on-copper coil is 5.5cm in diameter and creates the scalar field (antenna) for our broadcast. Scalar is not electricity or magnetism, rather the etheric information field which carries all information, regardless of distance or time.

This coil can also easily be used to charge water, broadcast other frequencies (crystal, essential oils, traditional homeopathics etc).

For BETAR-style chakra activation, lie down and position a BETAR Coil directly atop or under each of the 7 chakras.

Can be beneficial when put directly on a physical area which is not in balance (pain). Scalar energy has the ability to open blockages and restructure the molecular bond.


What are reagents

Everything in the universe is fundamentally composed of vibration and energy.

We can imprint and capture and potentize specific targeted energies, frequencies, rates, tones, fractals, octaves and ‘intent’ into a physical reagent. These reagents will then hold the ‘blueprint’ for which they are created for.

Any reagent(s) can then be added into your input well for a direct broadcast and/or copied into another medium (water, sugar pills, oils etc.). They also be used on paper radionics or just free standing as a resonance broadcaster.

Reagents can save you time researching for the appropriate rates and inputs for an issue, reduce broadcast time and they will not lose their effectiveness over time.

Customized reagents can be made up for any weeds, pests and disease issues. These are best made for each individually to capture the unique imprint of the place and concern.


PRICE: *GST included.