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Who are we?

I'm Heinz Gugger, a dowsing and radionics practitioner. My journey started back in 2008 when I met Hugh Lovel and Shabari Bird. Through working with biological, organic and bio-dynamic principles, I was introduced to working with subtle energies. With this knowledge, I now help other farmers, private residents, commercial sites like restaurants and schools as well as businesses and alternative practitioners from all over the world to clear detrimental energy in their environment and surroundings. I quickly realised that this is where my true passion lies; I want nothing more than to share this gift with others.  


Our own farm was the guineapig when I first started energy work. We quickly saw the transformation in our trees, wildlife and general environment. Soon our neighbours and friends were asking me to clear their environment of any detrimental energy and increase the strength of the beneficial ones. The proof is where you can see an increase in yields, better resistant to pests and an overall healthy environment high in vitality.


The tools I use the most are the pendulum and the radionics instrument. The pendulum (and any other dowsing tools) is used mostly when I do house, business, farm and personal space clearings. I use radionics more specifically for scanning and balancing farms and animals, to deter pests and weeds and to enhance the overall crop vitality.



Dowsing course

21st and 22nd of February 2020 inMansfield VIC


26th and 27th of March 2020 in Byfield/Yeppoon QLD

Happy and fulfilled clients

'I felt relaxed after the session and not exhausted which used to be the norm for me. Thank you for helping me. I feel good about myself again.'


'I feel that whatever was hanging around the upstairs of the house is gone, the energy is flowing much better. Thank you for clearing it away.'


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