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Energetic Space Clearings

Energetic Clearings

Have you ever walked into a room and felt an unexplainable heaviness or negative energy?


Or maybe you've noticed that your home feels cluttered and disorganized, even when everything is in its place.


These are common experiences that many people have, and they can be indicators that your home or even your business needs an energetic clearing.

Negative energy can cause feelings of anxiety, depression, and general unease. Clearings are an energetic deep clean designed to remove detrimental energy from the home, property, and those who live and work there and will bring in positive energy. Resulting in a more harmonious, uplifting, and thriving environment, helping you to feel more relaxed, calm, and centred.


Energetic house clearings are also perfect for those selling their homes. If the energy feels heavy or negative, it can be a turnoff for potential buyers. Having an energetic clearing before putting your home on the market can help create a more positive and welcoming atmosphere, increasing the chances of a sale.

We’ve cleared over 900 homes, businesses, and properties across Australia, USA, Europe, and Asia.

We're the experts in energy clearing.

What you get with an energetic clearing


You'll receive a comprehensive remote energetic clearing and a free follow-up clearing 2-3 weeks after your initial clearing.

Your time is valuable, which is why our clearing services are remote, efficient, and completely non-invasive. Simply share your address, property floor plan, and the names of those who work or live in the property, and we will do the rest. We can clear properties anywhere in the world.

Single, Half Yearly and Quarterly clearings include:

  • Comprehensive Energetic Clearing

  • Detailed report of the clearing findings emailed to you

  • 15-minute phone consultation to talk through the findings of your clearing

  • Free follow-up clearing two-three weeks after your energetic clearing

  • Report of the follow-up clearing findings emailed to you

Don't let negative energy hold you back from enjoying success in your business or your home to the fullest.


Schedule your energetic business or house & home business clearing today!

Clearing Options

Enjoying a harmonious and uplifting home environment or a productive and successful business space is easier, quicker, and more convenient than ever.


And did we mention tax deductible for businesses?

Our single, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly energetic business clearing and our house & home business clearing options are designed to provide ongoing energetic maintenance and keep your home's energy balanced and optimized all year round without the hassle of booking a clearing every time.

The house clearing completely changed how my home feels. It’s no longer stagnant, heavy, and like there’s a ghost hanging around, it feels light, flowing, and uplifting. Everyone in the home is more happy, calm, and peaceful now and for that, I can not say thank you enough!

Sonya, QLD, Australia

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