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Water Divining

Water divining has been used for centuries to find and locate underground water streams, bores and pipes as well as lost and buried items.


This technique helps us to work out if there are any potential drill sites, as well as the flow rate, quality and drill depth of the water.


Even with today’s modern technology, water divining is still a very popular and successful way to find underground water which can then be used to install a water bore.

When I start any divining project, off-site I use a map of the property to work out if there are any locations on the property which are suitable for a bore.


Using the map, I’m able to work out if there any suitable spots for drilling a bore on the property, the quality of the water, the required drill depth, and the flow rate of the water. I also check if the water is suited for drinking, stock, or irrigation use.


Once a potential drill site has been located, I come on-site to the stream or streams and mark out the exact spot to drill the bore as well as confirm the quality, depth and flow rate of water. The depth and flow rates of water and streams vary dependant on location.

In addition to water divining we also do water shifting which uses a range of techniques (must be done on-site). Instead of finding a new source of water and drilling a new bore, a stream of underground water can be pulled into an existing bore or stream location to increase the flow rate.


Water shifting has helped our customers save thousands on not having to drill, install and maintain new bores.

With or without technology, there is never a 100% guarantee that underground water will be found but we have a success rate of around 92% to 93%.


I always suggest that before drilling, to get a second water diviner in so that you see if our recommended spots are the same and that way you can drill with the confidence that you are very likely to find water.

Cost: $250.00 for pre-assessment (map divining) and on-site divining + Travel: $35.00 per hour.

GST included.

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