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Dare To Manifest - The Book

The Step By Step Guide To Manifesting The Life You Truly Desire And Deserve

Love  |  Success  |  Wealth  |  Abundance  |  Well-Being

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Dare To Manifest is your complete guide on tapping into universal Source energy and harnessing the power of the Quantum Broadcaster to manifest a life you love, desire and deserve.

Whether it be a loving romantic relationship, a new job or job opportunities, financial abundance, vibrant well-being, safe travel, a flourishing garden, a high-yield crop, protection for your family and loved ones, healthy and productive animals, attracting the right customers and staff members to your business or reducing pests and diseases on farms and ranches - there is no limit to what can be broadcasted, manifested, attracted, corrected or balanced with the Quantum Broadcaster.

Dare To Manifest is also used by dowsers and radionics practitioners. It describes what a witness is and how to create them. It is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to form and write a clear intent that leads to success as well as selecting and testing the right Quantum Activation Codes and Reagents for your broadcast.

It's time to take control and start manifesting the life and experiences you truly desire.

Dare To Manifest Book and Quantum Broadcaster Sets

“Be ready to have your mind blown! This book has honestly opened so many doors for me and has given me a complete shift in mindset. I feel more empowered than ever! Thank you!

Liza, Australia

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