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One on One Radionics Lessons

Radonics electronics

This in person or online radionics training course is designed for brand new beginners and or anyone seeking a refresher of the basics of radionics.

Participant will learn and practice the practical core functions of radionics: Analysing, balancing and potentizing.

Topics that will be covered:
• Short history and theory of radionics
• Finding and selecting effective sample and witnesses
• Basic analysing and balancing
• Finding the stick on the stick plate and get comfortable with it
• Using the complete online rate chart - different worksheet exercises
• Selecting and testing reagents
• Basic rate and cold scanning/electronic dowsing exercises
• Introduction to potentizing, creating homeopathic reagents

Beginner package:

8 hours of training used in 1-hour sessions over 4 - 8 weeks. There will be homework and practical application after each session to complete.

$650 - Beginner’s package when purchasing a KRT instrument, includes a step-by-step training manual.
$750 - Beginners’ package with your own instrument, includes a step-by-step training manual.

Follow up packages / Beginners and Advanced:
Designed for practitioners which are looking to advance their knowledge, learn new methods and tools to integrate into their practices. Tailored and structured according to what practitioner is looking to achieve.

$125 for 1 hour training
$550 for 5 hours training package
$950 for 10 hours training package

All sessions are either on site (travel not included) or via Zoom. All prices are in AUD and include GST.

To book your one on one training session, please call us and to book into a group course click the button below.

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