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Radionics utilises a radionics instrument, an electronically based device that can be used to ‘tune’ into subtle energies, vibrations and frequencies patterns that can remotely change and imprint energy, vibrations and frequencies into animals, crops and places.


Western science in the 20th century began to observe and understand that everything is made of and from energy and vibrates at different frequencies.


In the past few years, Radionics has started to become more spoken about and its effects becoming more widely recognised and utilised in a plethora of disciplines.

From farmers to alternative practitioners, businesses and individuals can benefit

from radionics and its application.


I have personally used radionics to deter pests that are damaging crops on farms

or to treat a disease that has infected crops.


Radionics can be the gateway through which you use less harmful chemicals that

can have an adverse effect on you, your family, farm and your surroundings.


Rather than targeting an issue with physical things such as fertilisers, radionics can be harnessed to lift general vitality, reduce fertiliser costs, increase stock and yield and target specific problems by tuning into and changing subtle energies.


You can learn to use radionics to better improve your life and environment. With the right tools, application and understanding of the basic practice of radionic usage, you can see positive and encouraging results.

Want to learn to do Radionics yourself or want to equip yourself with Radionic Analysers and Accessories?

Radionics electronics
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