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A full list of the available QACs can be found by clicking here.


What is are QACs / Reagent?

QACs and Reagents represent the energetic blueprint of a specific input, and by setting these up on a Quantum Broadcaster and in Radionics, you transmit that specific blueprint pattern to the witness.  

Reagent is a commonly used word in the field of Radionics, and in my line of work, I describe them as a single input, like a vitamin, colour, or fertiliser. I view one reagent as holding only one frequency (like one instrument out of an orchestra) of the original input.


In contrast, QACs can simultaneously hold frequencies, octaves, fractals, and vibrations (an entire orchestra) of the original input. QACs are specifically targeted, multi-stage potentised energies, frequencies, vibrations, rates, tones, fractals, and octaves, which are multi-layered and potentised into a physical silica-based crystal substrate, much like a mixed herb seasoning. It's like an entire symphony of vibrations and frequencies placed together to achieve a complete resonance, similar to a professional philharmonic orchestra.

QACs can save you time researching the appropriate inputs to layer together to create complete resonance and can also help reduce broadcast time.


We use an Australian super fine natural organic high silica crystal Diatomaceous Earth as our crystal storing material in a glass vial. After imprinting and activating the energy and information for each test tube into the very pure high silica crystal using a method called radionics, they are energetically sealed, so no other inferences from any outside sources can change the original. This guarantees that they will not lose their effectiveness over time, and you can use them over and over again.


They are also used with our Universal Energy Tesla Coil as free-standing resonance broadcasters. QACs can save you time researching the appropriate rates and inputs for an issue, reduce broadcast time, and they will not lose their effectiveness over time.



Quantum Activation Codes (QACs)

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