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A Complete Set Consists of 25 Individual and Activated QACs (25 QACs)   $975:

Ammonia, Boron, Calcium, Carbon, Chlorophyll, Cobalt, Copper, Hydrogen, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nitrate, Oxygen, Phosphate, Potassium, Selenium, Salt, Silica (2 vials), Sulphur, Zinc, Acidity, Alkalinity.


Biodynamic Preparations Set (18 QACs)  $700

A complete and full set of all the biodynamic preparations. Each prep is enhanced and activated with a variety of harmonics and octaves to capture the deeper essence and bring forth an immediate desired outcome. Can be used in radionics instruments for a direct broadcast, on the Universal Energy Transmitter, imprint into water, fertilizer and feed and then apply via crop fertigation, in animal feed or foliar mister. Use with Broadcaster either to put at the base of the broadcaster, add into bottom or top well, to enhance the activity for a certain time for a specific issue or reason.


BD 500, BD 501, BD 502, BD 503, BD 504, BD 505, BD 506, BD 507, 508, BD Enhanced Soil Activator, 3 Kings (Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh), Winter Horn Clay, Summer Horn Clay, Cow Pad Pit, Spring to Spring Horn Clay, Fall to Fall Horn Clay, Oesophageal Clay, Soil Balance


From Planting To Harvest Set (4 Activated QACs)  $450

Ag 1 – Start Of Season/Planting

Used at planting for root growth, root development and quick germination. In horticulture, before bud break. Developed so plants will have a strong start for the new growing season.


Ag 2 – After Germination to Mid-season

After germination and bud break. Stimulates vegetative growth and a strong structural system. Fluid flow and plant growth.


Ag 3 – After Mid-season Towards End Of Season

Enhances photosynthesis, and increases fruit, seeds, and crop yields. Reduces stress on plants. Strong structural integrity to support crop yield. Increase crop size.


AG 4 – Towards End Of Season

Towards the end of the season for fruit, seed and root size, plant support and strength.

Apply using any radionics instrument, Universal Energy Transmitter, potentize and apply through irrigation, foliar or animal.



Agricultural Combined Set (All three Agricultural Sets – 40 QACs)  $1,600

Activated Individual Fertiliser Set, BD Preparations Set and From Planting To Harvest Set.


Specialty Agriculture QAC & Sets (specife which ones you need in comments on your order)

Apply using any radionics instrument, Universal Energy Transmitter, potentize and apply through irrigation, foliar or use with animals.


If Magnesium is too high, transmute to Calcium   $60


If Sodium is too high, transmute to Magnesium    $60


If Sodium is too high, transmute to Potassium       $60


Biodynamic Soil Activator  $60

A reagent that includes all the BD preps and is attuned to the new earth energies. It is not just the earth's energies that are changing the environment around us – our personal energy and the energy of the people on the land are in a constant shift as well. This reagent covers not just the traditional BD preps, but also a wide variety of different frequencies and octaves.


Hail Be Gone  $60

Used in conjunction with broadcasters and radionics instruments to shift the pattern of hail, so it does not affect the intent area.


Soil Balance Soil  $60

Balancing, fertility release and increase, energy boost and biological enhancer. To boost/reduce and balance the lime and atmospheric realms. Increasing and maintaining the life force from the soil up for healthy, pest/disease-free crops and livestock.


Frost Protection  $60

Used in broadcasters and radionics instruments. It will increase the plant's defence mechanism to withstand frost.


Attract Rain  $60