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Dowsing is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years and is still widely used today.

It is a form of divination that involves using tools, such as a dowsing rod or pendulum, to find information, seek answers or located items.

Dowsing has been used for various purposes, including finding water, minerals, and lost objects, as well as for spiritual purposes, such as detecting and clearing detrimental energies from homes, workplaces or properties.

How Dowsing Works

The basis of dowsing is energy. Finding it, working with it and changing it. Energy is all around and desipte not being able to see it, subtle energies can have an enormous influence on you and your daily life.

The exact science behind dowsing isn’t well understood because there is an element to dowsing that science can’t fully explain. However, what we do know is that the dowser, or the person using the dowsing tool, is able to tap into their subconscious mind and into magnetic fields and subtle energies or what what is considered the universal consciousness to receive answers to their questions.

Types of Dowsing Tools

There are many different types of dowsing tools that can be used, including pendulums, L-rods and bobbers. L-rods are typically two metal rods bent into the shape of an L that are held by the dowser, while pendulums are a weight that is suspended from a string or chain. Each type of dowsing tool has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and the dowser may choose to use a specific tool based on their personal preference and experience. L-rods are commonly used to find water and pendulums are used by dowsers to seek clear answers to questions.



Using Dowsing for Water and Mineral Detection

One of the most known uses of dowsing is to locate underground water sources and minerals. This practice has been used for centuries by farmers, miners, and others who need to locate resources that aren’t visible to the naked eye. In this case, the dowser holds the dowsing tool over the ground and asks questions about the location and depth of the resource they are seeking. The tool will then move or swing toward a specific direction indicate the answer to the question and to point the dowser in the direction of the water or mineral.

Using Dowsing for Energetic Purposes

Dowsing can also be used for energetic purposes, such as detecting the presence of detrimental or negative energies. The dowser will ask questions about the presence of the detrimental energies to understand what kind of built-up energy is around the home, workplace or property and the negative impact it can be having on the people, animals and land. Dowsing is also a very valuable tool for clearing stagnant, negative and detrimental energies and inviting energies of abundance, happiness and success back into the space.


Learn to Dowse or Receive an Energetic Clearing

Dowsing is an ancient practice that is still widely used today. It is a form of divination that involves using tools to find information about the hidden or unseen. Whether you are looking for underground water sources, minerals, or detrimental energies dowsing can be a valuable tool for discovering information to help you more informed choices and to help you clear negative energies effecting your life.


Learn to clear negative energies, understand how to get the answers you seek and empower yourself with a tool that can help you find what you seek. Join our Beginner’s Dowsing Course to learn this and more.


Or have an expert clear your home, workplace and property, with a House and Home Business or Business Clearing. Not only beneficial for removing unwanted detrimental energies, it increases and enhances beneficial energies and strengthen them against any other influences.

Pendulum and dowsing chart
Pendulum, dowsing rods and dowsing bobber
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