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This protection card is also designed to neutralize and transmute any Wi-Fi, RF, EMF and other Electro Smog frequencies. It will also hold and increase your overall vitality helping you to cope with the daily stresses – like you are protected in a bubble. This special magnetic card is developed in Germany and is able to hold the imprinted signals without losing its potency. It fits perfectly into your wallet, or you can wear it around your neck.  This credit card size personal protection cards creates a 20m field around yourself and is able to balance your field around you.

Do not put it directly onto the phone, Wi-Fi modem or other electronic devices and next to a credit card in your wallet. Just put the card into an empty compartment in your wallet, keep in the pocket or hang it around your neck and you are all set. This card will help you to naturally lift your consciousness, as it keeps you supported in the vibration of Peace.




*GST included.

Personal Protection

GST Included
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