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Available Sizes: 5.5cm diameter | 22.9cm diameter


Universal Energy Clearing Tesla Coil (5.5cm diameter)

Nikola Tesla first patented (U.S. Patent 512,340) his original Bifilar coil in 1894. Unlike a standard single conductor antenna that produces a longitudinal waveform, this antenna has two conductor paths whose spirals are wound one within the other, looped side by side, and tied together at the centre. The spirals are placed so close together on this unique dual-wire coil antenna, made of gold and printed on a copper silica plate, that the electromagnetic fields cancel one another out. This leaves only the scalar energy component, the information pattern, which is what is broadcasted.


The Perfect Spiral is a passive energy lens that adds natural resonance (scalar) wherever is placed. Increase the flow of healing energy to any aches or pains by holding the coil close to the affected area or organism.


Increase the energetic resonance of drinking water, crystals, affirmations and other patterns of information. The Dual-Spin Coil Antenna is a pocket-sized version of the Perfect Spiral found in all Phase Array reaction plates/antennas and radionics instruments. Use these as pocket reaction plates, as energy activators, or add resonance to everything you do simply by carrying it within your personal energy field.


This size coil 5.5cm/2.1” is used as the activation coil on the Quantum Broadcaster.

After setting up the Quantum Broadcaster, it is placed onto the largest sphere (top one), which then activates the broadcast.  



  • Single Universal Energy Tesla Coil - $50
  • Buy 3 coils and get one free - $150
  • Buy 5 coils and get 2 free - $250



XL Universal Energy Clearing Tesla Coil (22.9cm diameter)

This almost 23cm/9” disk is a very powerful scalar tool that can be used in different ways:

  • On the physical body, either by itself or in tandem. To remove and clear, put the backside of the coils facing each other with the subject in between. To increase energy, reverse the coils so the gold plate facing each other.
  • Activating the small and large Quantum Broadcast banners. Place it on top of the largest sphere
  • Supercharge any inputs by placing them directly onto the coil
  • As an energy coil in the house by hanging it on a wall as decoration



  • XL Single Universal Energy Tesla Coil - $250
  • Set of 2 - $450

Universal Energy Tesla Coil

GST Included
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