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Take a look at the services below, and get in touch today.

Home and Business Clearing

$200 AUD

Space energy clearing is a specialised technique that clears and balances energies in your home, property, animals and those who live/work there.

If you any of the below a space cleansings could could be beneficial to you: feel watched in your own home, drained even after a good night sleep or have poor sleep at home, feel the effect of EMF and RF, feel effects of geopathic stress and just feel uneasy.

Negative energy clearings are done remotely using a map and/or floorplan you provide us. No matter how small or large the house, farm or property is we can clear it.

Not only is Space Clearing beneficial for removing unwanted detrimental energies, it increases and enhances beneficial energies and strengthen them against any other influences. In a business environment, especially where clients come for treatments, counselling or accommodation is provided routine Space Clearing is advised.

Having your space cleared is important not only in the home, but is important anywhere that a lot of people come together, or you moved into a new house, areas, where there was quite a bit of conflict and interactions or detrimental patterns, are occurring constantly.

Feedback from real estate agents and holistic practitioners is that after a clearing business picks up again. We work with real estate agents across Australia when they aren't able to sell a property because it feels ‘spooky’ to the customers. After a clearing and balancing the house sells generally within 7-10 days.

Once the clearing is completed, we will share with you our findings and will contact you to chat through them. You'll also receive a free follow up clearing 2-3 weeks after your initial clearing. GST included.

Energetic Space Clearing

Farm and Land Clearing

$200 AUD

As a farmer, which relies on the land to produce an income, it is especially important not to have any detriment energies reducing the productivity and yield of the crop. It does not matter if this it’s a small crop, horticulture, aquaculture, broadacre, cattle, dairy or nurseries enterprise – as soon as we work with the land and environment we are in a constantly working with these energies.


The more people are working on the land and imprinting their energies the more important it will be to clear any unwanted detrimental energies which can influence the outcome of the crop.

Even if we have a balanced nutritional program and working biology, these energies can dampen your efforts. Can you visually see some of these energies? In cattle, you will notice that they avoid certain areas on the land and in paddocks, nervous in the cattle yard and hoarding into one area. In dairy’s you can see that on side of the milking shed can produce more milk than the other side/shed. In crops or grazing, you see a different growing pattern – instead of a universal crop one side or area looks better than the other.


We look at the entire operation, the house, the people, the crop and the environment.  All residual energies, attachment and detrimental energies will be removed, and system installed to keep the energy and flow of the land as beneficial as possible for everybody on the farm.


You will receive a full assessment and we will work with you to change all energies to be beneficial and includes a free follow up. 


We are done remotely no matter how small or large the house, farm or property is, we can clear it. GST included.


Geopathic Stress Survey

$100 AUD

Looking at building a new house/shed? Increasing your farm? In Europe, it is a must that before a new building is built a full Geopathic assessment will be done. This is done to avoid any later issues regarding health problems in the home from underground water lines/domes, Geological faults, Mineral deposits, Sacred sites, Burial or massacre sites, high voltage lines, sewer pipes etc.


We will survey your pre-designed home sites or expansion area for any detrimental influences. You will receive a full assessment and recommendations. The entire process may take little over an hour. GST included. Any travel costs not included.

Geopathic survey

Radionic Work

$250 AUD

Includes: Initial scan, one month of radionic work and follow up scan.

Radionic work is targeted at large greenhouses, farms, animal and herds  according to the project. GST included. Any travel costs not included.


Please contact us so we can gather information on how best to help you and your property. 


Yearly Broadcaster Reagents

$165 AUD including BioAssay and monthly check
(GST included)

It is beneficial to update the Field Broadcaster reagents on a yearly base. The energy changes during a year will be reflected in a BioAssay which shows a picture in the Mineral and Biological realm. A great tool to compare year after year to see if the overall general vitality is increasing. The new homoeopathic reagents will reflect the increase in the farm vitality.



  • 4 vials for each well

  • A total of 16 patterns potentized into sugar pills for each well made up and individually customized according to your bio assay.

  • Customized Mineral and Biological Assay

  • Monthly check if any additional reagents/inputs are needed.



​​ Please contact us so we can gather information on how best to help you and your property. GST and shipping and/or travel costs not included.

Yearly Broadcaster reagents
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