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The perfect Dowsing instrument for you

Dowsing devices come in all sizes, shape and materials. Many dowsers have their favourite tool and shape which works well for them for a specific task.

(Bobber, L-Rods and various pendulums)

Most common and best known in dowsing is the Pendulum. It is easy to carry (pockets, purse) and is suitable for all aspects of dowsing. Checking, clearing and calibrating energy, finding lost objects, buying the appropriate vitamins and getting quick answers where ever you are.

L-Rods, are thin metal rods that are L shaped which you can use for yes and no questions but most often used to find energy lines, water veins and tracking ley lines. L-Rods can be used single handed or with both hands.

A Bobber will also give you yes and no answers. Very good visual point and easy to use. Can be used like the pendulum but not as easy or convenient to carry around.

(Dowsing Bobber)

Find which tools works best for you. You might have different tools for different applications. A simple plain nut on a string will work as well as a fancy pendulum – it is personal preference and enjoyment which style you choose.

Browse and buy Bobbers, L-Rods and various pendulums in our online store now!


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