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How to obtain Radionics broadcasting rates

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

There are basically 3 different types of systems and 2 ways to obtain broadcasting rates, timing, GV and answers to your questions. Depending on your work and outcome, you are looking to get one system that might work better for you.

KRT Radionics Instrument

Here is a quick overview of obtaining Radionics Broadcasting rates:

  • Probably the most used and known one is the Hieronymus type, for which Galen Hieronymus obtained a US patent, number 2,482,773. There are several versions of this type of radionics instruments available, which include but are not limited to Kelly, Rogers, SE 5 and Mattoid instruments. All these instruments work with a stick plate also known as a Loop Coil Reaction Plate, to obtain rates and the capacity to scan, send, potentise, balance and reverse rates. Learn more about Radionics by clicking here or browse and buy radionic instruments and accessories in our online store.

  • Malcom Rae instruments use cards with sector marks and a potentiometer dial for homeopathic potencies. The plates can be used to transfer physical patterns to the witness as well. These rates are obtained by pendulum dowsing (no stick plate). Some of the newer versions of Malcolm Rae are compatible and can be linked with Kelly instruments. Learn more about Dowsing by clicking here or head over to our online store to browse and buy a pendulum now.

  • The projection wheel and the Sri Sanjevini cards are used if you do not have an instrument on hand. Pendulum dowsing is also used to find the appropriate patterns in projection time.



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