The Replicator - KRT Radionics accessory

The Replicator - KRT Radionics accessory

Imprint subtle energy signatures onto the substrates of your choice with The Replicator, a stand-alone high energy electronic potentizer that operates independently of a radionic instrument. Additional features include service as an anapathic purifier and simplified radionic broadcaster. Provides researchers with all of the capabilities of homeopathic succussion with none of the fuss or bother. Includes a Standard Reaction Plate/Antenna for dowsing and potency setting selection.


What is included:

  • The Replicator - KRT Radionics accessory (acrylic or pyrex wells)
  • Standard coil reaction plate/antenna
  • Power supply for 220V including an australian adapter
  • KRT Book 2: Applied Radionics


*GST included.

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