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This accessory device adds 5 additional tuning banks to any Kelly radionic instrument for increased effectiveness and efficiency in both the analysis and broadcast modes.


Or, use this unit to integrate two-dial "Hieronymus" radionic rates into your third-party instrument, signal generator, or esoteric antenna.


The KRT Super Tuning Station utilizes the same variable plate capacitors found in every Kelly instrument - the adjustable tuning forks that spontaneously resonate with subtle energy fields and frequency information. 


A decoupling switch allows all eighteen banks to be applied to a single instrument or device, or the user may apply nine banks independently to two completely different instruments or devices.


LED indicator lamps reveal at a glance which banks are active.


Includes a power supply and a pair of 18" (45cm) leads for connection to an instrument or another Tuning Station.


*GST included.

5 Bank Tuning Station - KRT Radionics accessory

GST Included
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