Wings of Tok

Wings of Tok

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Imagine stepping into a higher vibrational space of healing, of all knowing, of clearing, whatever it is that you need, and having all the support of your Soul, along with many master Beings, each with their own gifts and talents, ready to be in service to you and your Soul. 

The space is created with this new tool, it is up to you to fully access it, or not.  If you, or those around you, do not consciously access it, things still occur.  Healing, clearing, connecting with your higher self, and the same happens with the environment.  All is  automatic.  But if you choose, there is an entire new world waiting for you to access.  A world of magic and miracles, in the highest and best, as perceived by your Soul.


Each person will have a different experience.  Each will see it a little differently. 



It is the Starburst, a miniature version with the same power and potency as the original.  It is the 3" Regeneration Ring. Together they are the Harmonic Creation Field.  From the Starburst, comes the Golden Fire and Light, and from the Regeneration Ring comes the column of Light.  It is a space like no other.

The Starburst is made of steel, as copper nor brass would hold this creation in our physical plane.  It is welded at the four longest points, onto the 3" Ring.  Both are electroplated with copper afterwards.  Your Starburst may lose it's electroplating through physical wear.  The copper may obtain a patina, darkening the surface of the ring and the Starburst.  This is expected, but does not affect the energetic quality of the tool.  You are still welcomed to send it back for re-plating at anytime.  It is free, though may take a few weeks for it to occur. 


How to use the Wings of Tok

You can place it in the environment.  It will create that space.  You do not have to work with it from there, but you really should!!  Simply step into that space it creates.  Feel this space. Know that you are connected to your Soul, and that it is in charge of all that occurs here.  Then you can start seeking the assistance for what you wish to work with. Healing of the physical, mental, emotional, life situations.  Clearing and harmonizing timelines, or the environment, or family lineages.  It is all up to you and your Soul.