Silver Torus Pendant
  • Silver Torus Pendant

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    Solid .999 silver outer ring, and Sterling Silver petals and either an adjustable leather lanyard or 24" (61 cm) or 30" (76 cm) Sterling Silver Chain.


    The Silver Torus Pendant is a powerful piece.  It carries the energetics of the Infinite Light Pendant, but moves the energy in a different way.  It is a very heart-connective pendant.   

    The silver Regeneration Ring connects to a space outside of our Universe's duality, and acts as  portal for this blue Light to come through. 


    Like the Cosmic Sun Disc or the Golden Fire Torus, the Torus Pendant creates a flow of energy that is unique to the Tensor tools.  The Torridal field is what helps make all the the Tensor Torus tools some of the most powerful tools we have, due to it's innate natural patterning of the physical electromagnetic world we live in.


    Outer ring is the 1-1/2" silver Regeneration Ring, also known as the Silver Blue Light Pendant.  One side of the pendant has a Golden Fire Seed of Life.  The other side is a slightly smaller Regeneration Seed of Life.  These two seeds together create the Torus. 

    The torus is simply a name give to the way energy moves, in a torridal field, or donut shaped field that is the basis for all physical reality.  All energy constructs move in a torrid fashion, from molecules to the way galaxies are formed, and all physical constructs between.  The human heart is even a large electromagnetic torridal field, about 6 feet across.