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Silver Golden Fire Coil Pendant

PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


This pendant has the same potency as the copper version and is made of pure .999 Silver. The coil is 3 3/4" long and 3/8" in diameter, including the attached infinity. Adjustable leather lanyard included. You can change out the lanyard for any other material, organic or metal.


This pendant allows your soul to open the doors of infinite possibilities and is one of the best Empath Filters. The Coil's toroidal field flows through the Sacred Heart, throat, Pineal, Quantum Mind, then expands out.

The Soul's Light comes in to meet it, and there is a merging and connecting of You out into the field. It is beyond bringing the Soul Light in: beyond just bridging the Soul. It brings in a Universal Connection.


When you wear the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder. The tools remind you of the Activation. Reminds the inner Being that you have the Sacred Heart, so you can continue to use it.