Silver Blue Light Pendant

Silver Blue Light Pendant

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The .999 Silver Regeneration Ring is bringing through a higher vibrating energy than what we have ever felt. It feels like a pure form of energy. A pure Silver-Blue-White Light, with some Golden Fire.
Such a pure energy that it is holding.A reminder of your pure Light, reminding the body.

Like the other tools, the Blue-Light Pendant will work with each person with the needs they have..

Tok, and the master blue beings, are here to help bring the Human in more fully.  For us to be more fully within the Human, and to be in this new space forming around us.

An integration of our Light, more into the physical that we become more of our Light incarnate. 

Working with the mind and the energy field to support the transformation!

Comes with an adjustable leather lanyard.
Regeneration Ring is approx 1-1/2".
All silver construction.