Regeneration Rings

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Within the field of the Regeneration Rings, you become your Soul. And it begins by cleaning out all that junk to make more room for soul. Imagine the Light Field that comes from the Regeneration tools. A Ring has a column of Light, the Wand, Infinity, and Generator have a Light Field around them. The field carried by these particular tools are bringing the body and the soul together in this field of Light. You, as you exist throughout this entire Universe, in all aspects, incarnations, timelines and realities, is what we call Universal You. Within this space of the Regeneration Rings and tools, we see you taking on that role of the Universal You.  When this space becomes accessible, a Sun Activation comes through for you. The Universal You Sun Activation, along with some powerful Releasing Techniques, can be found here Come into Harmony and Balance of cosmic growth, by connecting you the human, the mind, the body, to the space of the soul that is cosmic galactic universal. There is a surrender in that. It is a surrender into the soul light, as you become more fully in soul than ever been in any lifetime on this earth. Things may not be easy in the beginning. For some, it could be simple and easy, very individual. If need grace and ease, will have it. Not a choice on the human level. But it is there. Again, the soul is in charge. If you are not dedicated to doing the release work, we suggest the Golden Fire Rings instead of the Regeneration Rings. Holds the soul intentions within the Regeneration Rings. Coming to this place of bringing the soul into the human. This is the light body…carrying more of your soul. More than just the human intentions. Takes the soul intent for everything to happen with these rings, DNA changes, body changes, emotional. This comes with the price of releasing your own programs and belief systems. More than just bringing your soul light in, it is a connection. In that connection you have all the resources you need, if you want them. Within this field, the soul is in charge, always. This energy field helps body mind and soul come into a balance.



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