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Negative energy in the workplace can lead to reduced productivity, employee conflict, and a general feeling of unease.


Our monthly energetic business clearings are designed to provide ongoing energetic maintenance and keep your business’ energy balanced and optimized all year round.


Negative energy in a place of business, especially high-traffic businesses like restaurants or alternative health clinics can slow down the flow of business coming to you. Energetic business clearings help to remove any and all negative and stagnant energy to create a more positive and energetically vibrant flow of energy that attracts and connects with buyers and customers.


What you will receive

  • 12 x Energetic Business Clearings (one every month for 12 months)
  • 12 x Detailed reports of the clearing findings emailed to you


What is an Energic Business Clearing?

Energetic space clearing is a specialised technique that clears, balances, and realigns the energies in your business and the business location as well as those who live or work there, including pets.


Our energetic clearings can be compared to an energetic deep clean. We analyze the energy of the business and find the detrimental energies around and within your business location that are having a negative effect on your business’ energy and those who work in it. We then work to clear, neutralize or flip these energies from detrimental to beneficial bringing light, abundant and success-promoting energy.


Detrimental energies build up over time like energetic grim and they can come from just about anywhere. From appliances and underground water to the energy of conflict or stress that is brought into the business from the outside world, or esoteric sources such as ghosts.


What are they beneficial for

Energetic business clearings can have many benefits for businesses, including increased business, improved productivity, enhanced employee morale, increased creativity, better relationships between employees, improved well-being, and an enhanced customer experience.


These clearings are not only beneficial for businesses but also for the individuals who work there. By promoting positive energy flow in the workplace, employees can feel more relaxed, focused, and at ease.


The process

Once you have booked your clearing, you’ll receive an email with information and the required details we need from you which include the property address, a floorplan or drawn floorplan of the property, the name of the business and the names of those who live or work at the property address.


When we have this information we go ahead, we can start the clearing process. For your comfort and convenience, all clearings are done remotely.


The findings of each are charted and noted down. We share this report with you via email.



“Knowing my business is cleared quarterly means I don’t have to deal with the build-up of detrimental energy which negatively affects me, my staff, and the flow of business coming through. I love that I write this off as a business expense and that I see real positive results from having regular energy clearings like the increase of and now constant flow of bookings. Thank you!”

– Julie, restaurant owner, QLD

Twelve Monthly Business Clearings

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