Quantum Healer's Package

Quantum Healer's Package

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These five tools are each powerful, and self empowering, on their own. Together, they work for you to create a healthful and beneficial inner and outer healing space.


Package includes:


Quantum Healer

Our newest tool, which this support package was created around! The Quantum Healer in this kit has the Clasp attachment included.


Illuminated Heart 

We just recently re-released the Regeneration Infinity, know as the Illuminated Heart.  It is perfect for carrying in the pocket, or better yet, wearing it on a lanyard as a necklace! 


Cell Phone Tab

Our most popular tool for transforming non-beneficial energies. The Cell Tab is a staple for anyone who owns a cell phone!


Quantum Grid Point

This small crystal and resin pyramid creates an expansive field that covers the home.  It is perfect for holding a high vibration, sacred space for you to work in!  It truly is a phenomenal tool that is playing in these same higher energy fields as the Quantum Healer. 


Earth Resonance Ring

The 3-1/2" Earth Resonance Water Ring is included in this kit for a number of reasons...  Of course, it is great to energize the water you drink!  But you can go further with the water you drink, and create energetically healing elixirs with your water! The Earth Resonance Ring is actually the 333 MHz Tensor Ring.  We make this Ring for Dancing With Water, who also explain more about Tensor Fields. 


The Water Ring is not just for water. We added this particular Tensor Ring to the package because it feels and fits nicely at the bottom of the Quantum Grid Point pyramids.  The Ring can also be comfortably wore by most people as a bangle or bracelet.


What is Quantum?

Quantum is simply a connection between everything and everywhere.  We imply that You are a quantum being.  You, as an infinite soul light, exist throughout time, space, and dimension.  When we do high level consciousness work, we include all that you are, as you exist, as a soul incarnate. 


Most often, things that affect us in the here and now, have an origin from a different time or space in which you exist.  How a past life trauma can affect someone's health, as a simple example...


So, when we do energy work with a person for a specific ailment, we include the energy work to encompass all time, space, and dimensions that they exist in, on, and within.

The quantum field created by these tools, creates a field that automatically encompasses all that you are!