Quantum Grid Point

Quantum Grid Point

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These little pyramids radiate the same energetics as the Ascension Pyramids.There is a Quantum Grid which powers these orgonite pyramids.  It comes from the connection to all of the Ascension Pyramids out there.  The Ascension Pyramids are creating an Ascension Grid, which holds the space for the Quantum Grid Points to exist. The Ascension Grid is made possible by all of the 60 degree angled pyramids we have created, which bring through the field of Neutrality, Quantum Harmony, and Universal Peace.  


Quantum Grid Points are small, orgonite-style, pyramids. 
Unlike orgonite pyramids you may be familiar with, which are created by the layering of organic and inorganic materials, and utilize the piezoelectric properties of crystals, our pyramids were designed to anchor in the Ascension Grid. 


This etheric connection is found in all of our tools here at Twistedsage Studios.  Everything is energy, and we work in many levels and layers of energy, beyond what most find comprehensible.  Yet this is truly where all the magic and miracles can be found... is in these higher dimensional counterparts to the physical tools.


This connection to the Ascension Grid, created by all the Ascension Pyramid variations we've created, is why such a small pyramid produces such an expansive and powerful field!  The Quantum Grid Point will energetically expand itself to become a pyramid structure that is larger than your home, and brings through the same energetics as found around the other Ascension Pyramids.


Physical Construction-
The 2-3/4" tall pyramids are crafted at Twistedsage Studios with our signature crystal mix, EcoPoxy (a non-toxic plant-based resin), a spattering of copper, and cast from our custom-made 60 degree pyramid molds. The Purple Lepidolite comes from a special place near Angel Fire, New Mexico. The Quartz mix comes from the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota. The third component is Feldspar, also from the Black Hills. The Feldspar we use contains several minerals, such as Mica, Quartz, Tourmaline, Garnet, and other silicas. And, of course, to make it officially a piece of orgonite, there needs to be a layer of metals within.  So what better to use than twisted copper wire shavings, left-over from the production of Tensor tools! The final piece to the Pyramid is a sphere, though is not physical, it is very much a tangible energetic component of the Pyramid. This small golden sphere within the Pyramid connects with the heart of the earth, and also connects with every other Ascension Pyramid out there.


Grid Points- Each grid point is a golden-silver light.  Within the Pyramid, there is an Energy Sphere.  This connects into the Heart of the Earth, and is the connection point to the Ascension Grid.


Grid Lines- Heart of the line is on the surface of the Earth, and expands within the earths surface, as well as outward, around the center of the Line.  The size of the Line varies, depending on what is needed and where. When placing pyramids to create a Grid of your own, for whatever intended purposes, it is uniquely your Grid.  Each point has a solid energetic connection with each other.  Also, each point will have a soft connection with all other Ascension Pyramids.  The local grid you create will be unique to you and your intention of creating it, yet still holds the energetics of the Ascension Grid. The Field created by the Ascension Grid is also seen as a Healing Field.  This is the space that healers are seen drawing from when they do healing work with clients or themselves.  You can set the intention of this field holding space for healing.  It is a subtle healing energy, as it is in a higher field.  It is not a hard-hitting instant healing energy; rather it is a consistent healing, shifting, energy. 

Sit with your pyramid and connect into this space. 


Using multiple Ascension Grid Points- You can use two Grid Points, to create a connecting line between the two.   When you add more Grid Points, you can “triangulate” to create a 2-dimensional space.  Within this space is where you find that field of Healing we mentioned above.  And each point will connect with one another.  Four or more points will then create more Grid Lines, connecting to each of the Grid Points. For visualization purposes, imagine that three points creates a triangle on the surface of the ground.  Four points, evenly spaced apart, creates a square, but also creates an “x” through the middle of the square.  The intersection of this Grid can be a focal point, if you wish.


Local Gridding- The beautiful thing about creating your own personal Grids, is that as you create them, you are creating with intentions, the space you are creating and what you want the space to be used for or the energetics carried.  Always, this space and energy is about the Heart, but you can expound on that and create a space of rejuvenation, for instance.  Or healing. Or for creativity.  Or clearing, or protection, or manifestation, transformation, and whatever else your heart’s desires… and whatever it actually ends up being is in alignment with your Soul, of course.


Environmental Gridding- Imagine a row of communication towers and placing a Grid Point on either side of the row so the Grid line intersects each tower.  Or perhaps you know of an already established Grid system you want to help transform or bring more Heart energy into…  Go with your guidance, and know you cannot do harm or wrong working with this energy.


The Quantum Grid Point pyramids are 2-3/4" tall, with a 2" base.  They are created with three layers, the top two are the crystal layers mentioned above, while the bottom layer is left clear.  There is a small tag within the clear layer, seen from the bottom of the Pyramid, that reads "Twistedsage.com Quantum Grid Point".  This is for anyone who may find one of these pyramids buried somewhere, in years to come, so they know what they are.


The non-toxic EcoPoxy resin is a UV-resistent plastic that will last for lifetimes.  Many people are burying these in the Earth, so they will stay and hold that particular grid space for years to come.  And remember, these are connected with the Heart of Gaia, and all materials are derived from the planet. The pyramids are relatively harmless, taking decades, if not centuries, to break down.  I have heard people dropping regular orgone pieces into the oceans, though these are usually made with less expensive and much more toxic resins.


The weight is a little over 3 ounces. *The pyramid base is unfinished, meaning there may be an occasional air-bubble visible in the base, and the edges may be sharp.  The Pyramid point is definitely sharp. **The color, texture, and specific layers may slightly differ from one pyramid to the other, though the general appearance will be the same.