Quantum Field Broadcaster

Quantum Field Broadcaster

Quantum Field Broadcaster


What is a Field Broadcaster?

Field Broadcasting uses both electromagnetic field effects and quantum non-local effects to increase and enhance the life forces of a farm or garden as a living organism. A Field Broadcaster is a self-driven organizational energy device that, when properly used, sets up resonant biodynamics wave patterns of if the energy that plants and animals respond to with increased vigour and balance. Field Broadcasting is a tool that influences life energy, and is a self-driven organizational energy device and has proven effective to increase fertility, yields disease resistance and improved flavour and nutrition.


Why use a Field Broadcaster?

Like a band with good rhythm, Field Broadcasters impart dynamic patterns to both the soil and the atmosphere. Like music at a ball, these patterns organise and integrate the soil activities (mineral release, nitrogen fixation, digestion and nutrient uptake) with what goes on in the air above the soil (photosynthesis, blossoming, fruiting and ripening). Both plants and animals benefit from an improved interplay between the chemistry and life of the soil and the warmth and light of the atmosphere. A Field Broadcaster is simple, cheap over a long scale and is durable. It is low maintenance and requires little to no knowledge to use it.


Benefits of a Field Broadcaster

For over 25 years Field Broadcasters have proven effective to:

  • Increase fertility
  • Enhance animal vigour
  • Balance weather
  • Create less reliance on fertilisers
  • Build better plant and animal health
  • Decrease insect/ pest and fungal problems
  • Revitalize and regenerate compacted soils


Who should use a Field Broadcaster?

A Field Broadcaster is not for everybody and is intended for those who take responsibility for the environment in a truly holistic way. They are used all over the world in different application and fields such as:

  • Graziers
  • Vineyards
  • Dairy farms
  • Fruit orchards
  • Grain Growers
  • Home Gardens
  • Turf
  • Compost manufacturing
  • Vegetable growers
  • Animal breeders
  • Poultry farms
  • Cut flower farms


Included in the price:

Shipping from US, Bio Assay for Mineral and Biological components, assembly, all custom made reagents, dowsing on site or map for best location, installation, final check and enhancing energy patterns.


*GST included. Shipping and/or travel costs not included.