Quantum Ag Radionics Instrument

Quantum Ag Radionics Instruments

This instrument is desgined to use Malcom Rae cards as well as vials/physical samples. Rae discovered that distinct pendulum reactions are obtained at certain angular relations to the earth's magnetic field. These may be marked within the circle on a card as radial lines. The resolution of each line is to one degree of arc. The result is a system of cards. Currently more than 25,000 cards in the system.


Instrument is well suited for broadcasting and potentising.


Quantum Ag Radionics Instrument


Comes complete with:

  • 4 Pyrex Sample Wells
  • Digital Potency Settings
  • 4 Malcolm Rae Card Slots
  • Orgone Accelerator Board
  • Hammer Effect Interrupter
  • Golden Mean Proportion
  • Gold plated Accumulators
  • Interfaces with Kelly Gear
  • High Impact Sealed Case


Also includes two sheets of magnetic cards of Biodynamic preparations and rain making cards. As well as One year warranty. Power supply for 220V including an Australian adapter.


*GST included.