Practitioner Sets
  • Practitioner Sets

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    The larger rings are versatile in that they can be used in both an Active and in a Passive sense. 


    Active use of the Practitioner's Set with another person.

    • Start with the Golden Fire (larger of the two) on the ground
    • The receiving person then stands in the Golden Fire Ring
    • Use the Harmony Ring to begin above the head, as far as you can comfortably reach upward
    • Slowly bring the Harmony Ring down to the top of the head and downwards over the body
    • Feel the Harmony Ring as it passes through 'stickier' spaces
    • As the Ring 'sticks' bring it slowly up and then down past the space once more
    • Repeat until the 'stickiness' is gone
    • Use the Harmony Ring to scan the body and bodies as it passes downward
    • Set the Harmony Ring on the floor, and slowly raise the Golden Fire Ring
    • Follow the same clearing procedure with the Golden Fire, if you feel it 'stick'
    • Once the Golden Fire is up and off the column, the client may step out or you may repeat. This is where you will need to play and feel. Every person, every time, will be different
    • Often used on animals for balancing, healing and trauma release.



    Even plants, water, animals, will respond to the field, by doing basically the same thing as the mind, body, soul with this field.

    Plants become what they truly are. Water comes to it's original blueprint. That Divine blueprint. The inner-most being of water. It becomes Divine, soft, vibrant, alive again.


    As water comes back into its beingness, all the energies are released. Water carries everything that has ever happened to it within this Earth plane. Its like a human that's lost connection... and watching them, how their chemistry and thought processes and whole beingness changes, so will it with water.


    The Regeneration Ring's transformative field comes through much stronger when it is in the set of three. With a single ring, we may not get the changes. The power is with the three. First is the Golden Fire.  Second is the Earth Resonance Ring. Then the Regeneration Ring. These are the three Rings found in this set.