Twisted Sage - Cell Phone (Moblie) Tab

Mobile Phone Tab

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Transmutes and transforms harmful EMF’s into beneficial and useful energy for the person on a physical, mental and emotional level while providing emotional clarity!


Mobile Phone Tabs are a little but powerful tool turns your Mobile Phone into a Healing device! This tab doesn't block harmful EMF’s and Radiation but instead transforms the detrimental electromagnetic energy into healthful and highly beneficial energy.


The 2.5 cm (1”) self-adhering newly constructed Golden Fire Mobile Phone Tab is an EMF protector and transformer encased in a natural resin shell that is found to be highly effective in remediating harmful radiation from your phone and other electronic devices.


The super-sticky rubberized backing which stays readily onto any surface. Apply to your mobile phone or mobile phone case, tablet, or other electronic devices. An independent biofeedback study showed the Mobile Phone Tabs makes mobiles beneficial to the physical and energetic bodies…


For those who are super sensitive to electronics, using our Mobile Phone Tabs allows them to freely use a mobile phone again! By aligning chakras and making organs function better when using your mobile phone!