Mini Ascension Pyramid
  • Mini Ascension Pyramid

    PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


    Small in appearance, giant in stature... Connection into the Heart of the Earth. The pure Light vibration of the Heart of the Earth. This is brought up through the Pyramid.


    The Heart of the Universe comes down as a column of Light, with Blue, Gold, and Silver Rays. 


    Comes together as the Quantum Heart. Soft and Gentle.  Peace and Calm, within the Quantum Heart. High vibrating Light Rays come into people, pets, and the environment.


    Heart of the Earth comes up through the Pyramid legs. Heart of the Universe coming down as a beam of Light, and all mixes together within the structure, before expanding out into a larger torridal field of the Quantum Heart.


    Brings in the Soul Light, releasing dense energies. May take longer for some, others will be affected right away. Brings about healing, peace, calmness.


    The physical pyramid anchors in a larger, energetic, pyramid. The energetic pyramid covers the entire building, and more. This field expands to meet your needs.  If the pyramid is in an apartment, for instance, it will expand to cover the entire complex.


    The Complete Pyramid Kit Includes:

    1) Pyramid with cable connectors.  The top of the Pyramid is held together with a jump-ring, so it is collapsible and portable.  The cables on the feet of the Pyramid hold the base at the appropriate distance to create the 60 degree angle needed to hold the energetics.  

    The Pyramid itself is made with 1/2" copper tubing, cut to sacred measures. 
    The height of the Pyramid itself is 16", with a base of 14".


    2) Cosmic Sun Disc, 8-1/2".  This is what helps generate the torridal field, the moving field within and outside of the pyramid.  The Sun Disc is a powerful tool on it's own. The 3" Sun Disc can be used in place of the 8-1/2" Sun Disc, though I simply like the feel of the larger version.  If you already own the small Sun Disc, it is perfectly appropriate to use in the Pyramid, while the Pyramid Kit itself comes with the 8-1/2" Sun Disc


    3) Wings of Tok. Another powerful tool on it's own.  The addition of the Wings of Tok helps create the column of Light, as well as that healing Blue Light. 


    4) Harmonic Creation Field Trio is the three ring set pictured.  The Trio holds a space for grounding, connecting, and simply allowing more of the individual's Light to come in.  The Pyramid Kit includes this larger Home Set of the Trio, which is the one we personally choose to use on the Pyramid.  It is perfectly acceptable to use the Personal Set, if that is what you already own! 


    5) Regeneration Gaia Sphere is the final piece to the entourage.  This 3" sphere is shown atop of the pyramid, but can be placed inside as well.  The Regeneration Gaia Sphere is a powerhouse, in that it is connecting and grounding and expanding.  Again, the larger Regeneration Gaia will work perfectly in place of the 3" Regeneration Gaia Sphere. 


    It does not matter the specific placement of the tools, only that they are all together with the Pyramid.