KRT Intention Set Perfect Spiral Antenna

KRT Intention Set Perfect Spiral Antenna

The KRT Perfect Spiral Antenna is a perfect Tesla energy pump, a pocket-sized version of the Perfect Spiral phase array reaction plate/antennas and KRT console instruments.


Build on the power of the KRT Coil! Create your own passive energy broadcastby stacking a mix of colors, intentions, symbols, other reagents, and/orwitnesses atop KRT Perfect Spiral energy pumps in the provided stacking tube.

Passive radionic broadcasters: Simply place a witness, reagent, and/or written intention into one of the empty capsuls. Then stack up your different colour coils and/or simbols, intents and you have a steady radionic broadcaster for a fraction of the price of a live-signal instrument.


Intention set includes:

12 gold intentions, 4 KRT Coils, 4 Action Capsules, 1 Stacking Tube

Inention: Add/Multiply, Subtract.Divide, Start, Stop, Minimize, Maximize, Calm, Grow, Heal, Love, Prosperty, Purify


Buy 2 and get one 1 FREE



*GST included.