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Key Pendant

PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


UhnTok-Ankh of the Now, better known as The Key Pendant is approximately 3 x 8.89 cm (3-1/2"). It is constructed of steel rods and a bronze centre, then copper plated to a polished shine. Each central weld point will be slightly unique. The Pendant has a ball-bearing swivel attached so it can be spun.  Adjustable Leather lanyard included.


The Key brings everyone’s Soul, who is present in its field, which is about a block wide, more into the present. It does all the standard geomagnetic, EMF, and lower vibration clearing, plus the heart-based higher consciousness connecting and activating. The Key does not have to be worn as a pendant, it can simply be hung somewhere in your space. This pendant doesn't require any “doing”. Simply “Be” with this pendant. It clears 'ghosts' or way-wards energies as they come into your field, helping them to cross over.