Infinite Silver Light Pendant
  • Infinite Silver Light Pendant

    PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


    The Infinite Light Pendant comes in three different chain and lanyard options:

    - Leather Lanyard

    - 24" (61cm) Silver Chain

    - 30" (76cm) Silver Chain


    The .999 Silver Regeneration Ring is bringing through a higher vibrating energy than what we have ever felt. It feels like a pure form of energy. A pure Silver-Blue-White Light, with some Golden Fire. The Infinite Heart brings in the Golden Fire and that of the Infinity and never-ending energy. Connects into your infinite Light, and adds to it, fusing your Infinite Light more into the physical. Such a pure energy that it is holding. A reminder of your pure Light, reminding the body. Like the other tools, the Infinite Light Pendant will work with each person with the needs they have.. "...most likely will be a wow experience!" -Tok Tok, and the master blue beings, are here to help bring the Human in more fully. For us to be more fully within the Human, and to be in this new space forming around us. An integration of our Light, more into the physical, that we become more of our Light incarnate. Working with the mind and the energy field to support the transformation! Comes with an adjustable leather lanyard. Outer Ring is approx 1-1/2". Infinity is welded in place. All silver construction.

    We feel the Infinite Light Pendant to be one of the most profound tools currently available!! Place the Infinite Light on top of a Wings of Tok, and hold on for a zap!! Thank you for considering this tool!! It is certainly a portal to another Universe, and feel it will help shift us more quickly into that new space, hopefully with a bit of grace!!

    Was there a change in Silver? What is the difference with silver and copper? A few years ago we were making Sacred Cubit Tensor Field Generators, as well as Tensor Coils, with silver. They wouldn't hold the Tensor Field very well, being in silver. They appeared to me as a fuzzy field, not solid like with copper. A few years later we tried again with the silver, this time working with the higher consciousness of silver, asking it's physical aspect to hold the energetics of the Tensor Tools. and so it was. We have been making the Silver Golden Fire Rings for coming onto two years. They are phenomenal, but have not been any more amazing than their copper counter-parts. It's not that the silver shifted, in general, but it certainly does work exceptionally well with the Regeneration Rings!! And yes, let's totally make them of gold next.