Infinite Heart Pendant

Infinite Heart Pendant

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Infinity Represents Love and Continuance Without End, connecting the Soul more fully to the physical Heart!


Hammered and hand polished to create a sleek and slim design, the 6.35 cm  (2 1/2″) Infinite Heart makes a beautiful and potent. The Infinity is a Möbius strip, with a twist.


•Brings you into the Sacred Space of the Heart and protects the energy bodies 2 - 3 meters (8-10 feet) out.

• Facilitates a higher Soul connection and assists others in your field to do the same.

• Creates healing and comfort for all your critters. 

• Provides the Sacred heart and Quantum Mind Activations 

• Slips onto any existing necklace to create a heart connection with your favourite crystal or stone.

• Accesses the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind.

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