Illuminated Hearts

Illuminated Hearts

PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


These Infinite Hearts come in three options: Copper, Silver (smaller than the copper) and Silver with a Sterling Silver 24" (61 cm) Chain. 


The original Infinite Heart was “connecting in soul even more.”  With the Illuminated Heart, you are your soul.  It begins by cleaning out all that junk to make more room for soul. The field of the Regeneration Ring will allow to quickly dump junk.  Then is bringing in who you are.  You become your soul. 


There may be some other useful information on the Regeneration Ring Creation Story blog.

The Illuminated Heart is a medium-sized infinity.  It is right between the small and the large Infinite Heart, in size.  It is approximately 1-1/4 inches long.  It is a nice weight.  Works well as a pendant.  Can be used on any type of necklace material.  Can also be carried in the pocket or handbag.  As long as it is close to the person to be within their energy field. 


More than just bringing your soul light in, it is a connection. In that connection you have all the resources you need, if you want them. This Regeneration Ring field takes us into a new paradigm of being and doing.  Instead of trying to clean and clear all the stuff that affects us, we step out of it.  All that stuff is simply miscreations of our own or as a collective.The field of the Regeneration Rings help clear out the old programs and belief systems, old traumas and dramas. You become more fully in soul than ever been in any lifetime on this earth.


The traditional Infinity protected the energy bodies 10-12 feet out from the body. The Illuminated Heart is stepping up your vibration, as the 3D world falls away. There is no need for protections in this space. There is no 5G.  Chemtrails too, are a mis-creation. We move beyond this all as we clear miscreations within this space. Within the ring, soul in charge always.  Energy is brought to you through the soul and through the ring to help body mind and soul come into a balance.


Coming into Harmony and Balance of cosmic growth, connecting you the human the mind the body to the space of the soul that is cosmic galactic universal. There is a surrender in that.  It is a surrender into the soul light.


Things may not be easy in the beginning. 

For some, it could be simple and easy, very individual.  If need grace and ease, will have it.  Not a choice on the human level.  But it is there.  Again, the soul is in charge. As all that is cleaned out and cleared out, it brings in the soul light.  And the true human, that is so connected in with the soul.  The rings are not only helping with the cleaning and clearing and releasing, but bringing in that soul essence, vibration, being, the true you.  Its stepping up your vibration, as the 3d world falls away.


There is one more important thing to share, and this is the most important aspect of using these new tools.  Things will come up.  Things from this lifetime, also things from all that you have ever been or ever will be...  And you must find a way to release them.  There are many simply ways to do so.  Some will see the thought or emotion that comes up as a butterfly, and watch it fly away.  Some will carry a Ring with them, and when the programs, beliefs, thoughts, judgements, emotions, aches and pains come up, take out your ring and blow through it.  Whatever you find to release, and not stuff them back or ignore them.