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Illuminated Heart

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The original Infinite Heart was “connecting in soul even more.” With the Illuminated Heart, you are your soul. That is what comes with the Regeneration Rings. It begins by cleaning out all that junk to make more room for soul. The field of the Regeneration Ring will allow to quickly dump junk. Then is bringing in who you are. You become your soul. More than just bringing your soul light in, it is a connection. In that connection you have all the resources you need, if you want them. This Regeneration Ring field takes us into a new paradigm of being and doing. Instead of trying to clean and clear all the stuff that affects us, we step out of it. All that stuff is simply miscreations of our own or as a collective. The field of the Regeneration Rings help clear out the old programs and belief systems, old traumas and dramas. You become more fully in soul than ever been in any lifetime on this earth. The traditional Infinity protected the energy bodies 10-12 feet out from the body. The Illuminated Heart is stepping up your vibration, as the 3D world falls away. There is no need for protections in this space.There is no 5G. Chemtrails too, are a mis-creation. We move beyond this all as we clear miscreations within this space. Within the ring, soul in charge always. Energy is brought to you through the soul and through the ring to help body mind and soul come into a balance. Coming into Harmony and Balance of cosmic growth, connecting you the human the mind the body to the space of the soul that is cosmic galactic universal. There is a surrender in that. It is a surrender into the soul light.


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