House and Business Clearing

House and Business Clearing

Important: *When you purchase a session, after we have received the additional information needed, we will contact youwithin 24 hours to arrange a suitable time to hold your session. House and Business clearings can be completed remotely or on-site, please note that additional travel costs might apply. Please contact us for further information.


Having your space cleared is important not only in the home. It is equally important in places where a lot of people come together, or you moved into a new house, areas, where there was quite a bit of conflict and interactions or detrimental patterns, are occurring constantly. Space energy clearing is a specialised technique which clears and balances energies in your home, property, animals and people.


Not only is Space Clearing beneficial for removing unwanted detrimental energies it will increase and enhance beneficial energies and strengthen them against any other influences. In a business environment, routine Space Clearing is advisable where clients come for treatments, counselling or accommodation is provided. The feedback is that after a clearing business is picking up again. We work with some real estate agents after they were not able to sell the house because it felt ‘spooky’ to the customers. After a clearing and balancing the houses sell between 7-10 days.


If you have some of these symptoms a Space Clearing could be beneficial to you: Feel watched in your own home, drained even after a good night sleep or have poor sleep at home, feel the effect of EMF and RF, Geopathic stress and just feel uneasy.

We can visit you and your home/business, no matter how small or large the house, farm or property is. Clearings can also be done remotely. 


You will receive a full assessment and we will work with you to change all energies to be beneficial. The entire process may take little over an hour and includes a free follow up. 


*GST included. Shipping and/or travel costs not included.