Golden Fire Torus - Twisted Sage

Golden Fire Torus

PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


Attuned specifically to you, the Golden Fire Torus fully brings through your Soul’s Light to create a quantum field of the Golden Fire / Sacred Heart / Universal Peace field.


This particular Golden Fire Torus brings in the Golden Fire then Activates it in the person and brings in the field of Universal Peace to the human, a connection into that field of Universal Peace. Connects to everything, all that is. People who are drawn to this tool are ready to connect to the Peace of their Soul. The design of the Torus is made up of two Seeds of Life are put together and ratcheted, to create the 12 petal design. This design was also a crop circle in 2009!


Your Heart creates an electro-magnetic doughnut-shaped field known as a Tube Torus. This toroidal field simply describes the way in which energy flows. From the molecular level to the creation of galaxies, energy flows in this basic tube torus pattern. The Seed of Life is a one-dimensional representation of the Genesis pattern, representing the original eight cells of creation. A second six-petaled flower is offset from the first, creating a flow both inward and outward in a spiralling motion. 


As you hold onto the Torus, it is seen that your Higher Soul Self and all the You are, is holding onto the Torus at the same time. This brings ALL of YOU together from across time, space and dimensions to partake in the healing and clearing. The Torus transforms the cause of discordant energy which has manifested into the body. It changes the field changing the cause of the issue and purifying the area, bring it into balance and then changing the cell memory of the affected area. 


Reading are performed on all Torus' before they are sent out. 


The 8″ Golden Fire Torus is 'charged' specifically for each person.

The Golden Fire Torus requires an activation and attunement for it to begin working with an individual. During the construction process, Brenda goes Soul to Soul with you to assist in the attunement to your Torus. The process is like having a free distance session which is anchored into your personal tool!


All Golden Fire products have been updated to handle the 5G network as well as brings through the energetics of the newest Ascension Chamber. All Golden Fire no matter how old will have automatically received these energetic updates.