Gateway Pendant

Gateway Pendant

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It connects you to that Universal You. Clears miscreations. Knocks you on your behind. This is a transformative field. It is here and available to those who are ready for change. It is a gateway to the Soul, in ways that we could not have imagined. The power of three. First is the Golden Fire Ring. Second is the Regeneration Ring. Third in this Trio is the Earth Resonance Ring. The miscreations of a lifetime can surface as a thought, an emotion, a physical pain, or a knowing. There are simple techniques for releasing these miscreations the moment they surface. With any soul journey work, we begin from the Heart Space. With three simple breaths, you are in the Heart. Once you are in the Heart simply step into the golden column of Light. The three-Ringed Golden Light column you are in, will open that miscreation space created throughout your entire universal existence. When this space becomes accessible, a Sun Activation comes through for you. The Sun Activation is You igniting every cell of your being, until you are Light. You become a Sun. You, as a Sun, shine into this space of miscreation, transforming all… once the space clears, you stand as the True You, the Universal You. Human Soul, Embodied Light, like never before… You, as you exist throughout this entire Universe, throughout all your aspects, incarnations, timelines and realities, is what we call Universal You.

The Power of Three:

First is the Golden Fire Ring 3 cm

Second is the Regeneration Ring 3.5 cm

Third is the Earth Resonanace Ring 5 cm