Everything Ring

Everything Ring

PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


This Ring, which has no name, contains the energetics of every Ring created, including Atlantian and pre-Egyptian.

Tensor fields were utilized in these times, and others. All Tensor Ring etheric templates are connected throughout time and space.

Not everyone will be drawn to this Ring, as it does not always come with Grace and Ease.

But it is certainly powerful, for lack of descriptors for it: This is a super powerful Ring.  Holding one in each hand creates an enormous stir of energy, which even thinking about makes me nauseous and begin to vortex. 

As always, it is the soul the determines what is in the highest and best to come through the Ring, whether it is uncomfortable or not!  I also know there are other simpler paths, but this is not a bad distraction at all! 

The limited edition Ring. Inside measure 3" = 7.62cm $ 50.00