Cosmic Sun Disc

Cosmic Sun Disc

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How does it affect the human? As the human becomes the anchor for that light, that vibration changes the body. Bringing that vibration through the body, becoming Divine Self, clearer. Helping the body dissolve dense energies. The body cannot contain any of the denser energies. The denser energies fall away. If the human tries to hold onto them, it is not going to be an easy ride. 

As this comes through the crown, it goes into every cell. This energy that comes in is You. It is the energy of the higher you into every cell. Bringing the body and the Soul even closer in vibration. The quantum field from the Sun Disc's toroidal field comes in, becoming a part of the human toroidal field. As comes over the human field, it integrates into the human. Goes into every molecule, so every cell becomes this Regeneration field. It looks like a Light Body as it integrates into the Human Body. Transformation of the Human, cell by cell, into a Light Body. It is not a remembrance, it is already all there, this is giving us access.


Availlable in 3 sizes:

Small 7.62cm (3")

Standard 21.6cm (8 1/2") made with a super heavy gauge outer ring

Giant 63.5cm (25") made with an ultra-heavy outer ring and weighs 5.7kg.