Quantum Healers
  • Quantum Healers

    PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


    These Quantum Healers are available in Copper and Silver as well as four different options:


    -The Quantum Healer is available "Plain." 


    - A crowd favorite version is the "Clasp."  The clasps are rather durable, and have been used with the Light Wands for years.  Lanyards are a great place to clasp a Quantum Healer while not in active use!


    - The "Pendant" option includes our signature adjustable leather lanyard, attached directly through the Quantum Healer's top loop. 


    - The "Silver Pendant on Silver Chain" is our gorgeous silver Quantum Healer on either a 24" (61cm) or 30" (76cm) long silver chain. 


    Physical Description

    The Quantum Healer itself is less than 1-3/4" long.  The small gauge copper or silver goes through and around a central brass tube.  A small hoop is made on one end of the copper r silver large enough to fit up to a 1/8" cord or chain. 


    It is rather light for use as a pendulum, unless you use a light string and prefer a lighter pendulum.  The added weight of the Clasp would help.


    - What is does -

    Transmutes chaotic energies.  Turns chaos into peace.  Just the presence of this field does this.  There is no doing or trying on your part.  It simply occurs within the field which this tool carries. Healing. With this energy of Peace, is also a Healing Field.  This is the space that healers are seen drawing from when they do healing work with clients or themselves. You can send this field anywhere you intend, by simply holding or wearing or placing in a pocket.  Now that you are connected with this field, imagine, visualize, or simply intend this healing energy field to move to wherever you wish. 


    It is a subtle energy, as it is in a higher field.  It is a consistent healing, shifting, energy.  And yet sometimes we notice instance, tangible shifts occurring while doing any kind of energy work. You can also use this tool as a wand, and simply wave the wand to send the frequencies and vibration of healing to where you intend.  To use the wand to "run energy" as mentioned above, simply point the wand at the intended destination and make circles or figure eight's, in any direction.


    - Quantum? -

    Quantum is simply a connection between everything and everywhere.  We imply that You are a quantum being.  You, as an infinite soul light, exist throughout time, space, and dimension.  When we do high level consciousness work, we include all that you are, as you exist, as a soul incarnate. Most often, things that affect us in the here and now, have an origin from a different time or space in which you exist.  How a past life trauma can affect someone's health, as a simple example... So, when we do energy work with a person for a specific ailment, we include the energy work to encompass all time, space, and dimensions that they exist in, on, and within. The Quantum Healer creates a field that automatically encompasses all that you are!


    Don't let size limit your concept of being powerful! We know that in using Tensor Rings, even the smallest Ring holds the same power and potency as a larger Ring.  This is also true with this all new mini Wand!


    The Quantum Healer is less than 1-3/4" long. The first thing that occurred in our reading with this tool, was for a little tiny dragon to appear, and then expand into this unlimited, powerful, dragon!  This truly is a powerful field that is carried by this wand! Carries the energy of the Dragon WandFairy WandShaman Wand and the Golden Fire and Light Wand. To use it as a Dragon Wand, simply hold it and create the space where you can more tangibly connect with the Dragons. Connecting with the Fairy realm is done the same way.  


    The Shaman Wand is used to create space which clears creation, specifically miscreations that were created through duality experience and expression, which no longer serves you!