Chalice Ring Pendant Copper

Chalice Ring Pendant Copper

PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


Hidden during the times of great duality, its purpose is to just Be.
To bring in that energy of great peace and ease. A crystal-clear pure light, within the heart. 

The chalice energy shifts old paradigms, beliefs, and realities.

Connection within the heart is where this chalice energy is. Allow and imagine that pure light within your heart, and just Be with it. It will not take very long for all to be complete. 


Again, there is no doing, it is simply Being with this energy and allowing. Some will have instant relief. Some will not. The chalice energy is not for healing, yet those results may occur. With an ache, it may transform the ache, because of the transformation of the old reality. 


The Rings are created in Copper or Sterling Silver.

The size of the ring is 1-1/2" = 3.81cm 

Comes with adjustable leather lanyard.