Chalice Ring Bangles Copper

Chalice Ring Bangles Copper

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The chalice energy shifts old paradigms, beliefs, and realities.  Hidden during the times of great duality, its purpose is to just Be. To bring in that energy of great peace and ease. Pure clear light. A crystal-clear pure light, within the heart.

The Chalice Ring Bangles are available in either Copper or Sterling Silver. 


The Small Bangles have an inside diameter of 2-5/8"= 6.67cm.
This is the size of the 222 Bracelet Generator, which fits the average female hand/wrist.

The  Large Copper Bangle has an inside diameter of 3-1/8"= 7.94cm.
This is the size of the Harmony Generator Bracelet. It is large enough to fit over the average-sized male hand/wrist.