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Bracelet Generators

PRICE: *GST included. This price is 'landed', which takes into account the cost freight, duty (customs) and currency conversion as this product is sourced from the USA. Prices are subject to change.


Pictured is the 222 Generator, both in its spherical form and collapsed as a bracelet. Three sizes available!


  • 222 Generator - 19.7 cm (7 3/4") inside circumference. Fits over most average female hands.
  • Harmony Generator - 23.2 cm (9 1/8") inside circumference. Fits over most average male hands.
  • Golden Fire Generator - 25.4 cm (10") inside circumference. Fits over most larger male hands. Heavy Duty.


The 222 Generator is a perfect size to fit the average-sized female wrist. Made from a comfortable 14 gauge wire, this sphere easily collapses and is super sturdy. The 222 Generator creates a sphere of energy about the size of a person. It does all the standard EMF protection. 


The Harmony Generator fits over the average-sized male hand. It is also made from a lighter 14 gauge wire, and is easily collapsible and made spherical again. This particular Harmony Generator has a sphere of influence of 5 to 6 miles when it is in spherical form. As all Generators do, they create more of a column of Light when they are collapsed down so as to be worn on the wrist.  More on the base properties of the Harmony Generator can be found here.


The Golden Fire Generator in the 10cm (4") spherical form is one of our more popular selling tools.  Since the Golden Fire came into being, the Golden Fire Bracelet Generator has been my preferred choice for daily wear.  These particular Generators are made from a heavier 12 gauge wire and do not come back into round as easily after they have been collapsed down.  


How to find your size-

Simply take a strip of paper, about 5 cm (2") wide, and cut to one of the lengths above. Tape the ends together, and see if you can slip your hand through the paper hoop without breaking the paper hoop.


If the four rings that make up your Generator Bracelet are not completely round when brought back to its spherical form, it will still work as a Tensor Field Generator. They do not have to be perfectly symmetrical spheres to radiate outward like the Generators do. Again, while used as a Bracelet, your Generator will be creating a column of Light vs more like a sunshine in all directions when it is in its spherical form. If your Generator Bracelet is a little loose on your wrist, it can be slightly expanded back out (while you are wearing it) so that it fits a little tighter on the wrist or forearm. All Generator Bracelets will be shipped in their collapsed state.


All of our tools are sturdy and have lifetime guarantees on the welds. Please do take care while rounding your sphere so that you are not pushing on a weld or making a sharp bend at the weld point.