Ascension Grid Pyramid

Ascension Grid Pyramid

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Ascension Grid Pyramid

Expanding on the energetics of the Ascension Pyramids, we are witnessing a completely new concept in holding space. The Ascension Grid is holding space for the connection to
Universal Peace, Quantum Harmony, and the field of Neutrality. The Pyramid itself is holding space throughout your home for that same soft and gentle, peace and calm, yet high vibration energy, as all of our larger Ascension Pyramids do.


The 4" tall, 60 degree pyramid, is bringing through the same energetics as the Ascension Pyramids we create here at Twistedsage Studios. 


The 3" Regeneration Coil, nestled up under the pyramid, creates the energy movement, while the four brass Golden Light Rods help anchor in the space.  The tip of the pyramid is a combination of Purple Lepidolite, Quartz, and Feldspar, all encased in EcoPoxy, a plant-based resin.  There is also a small Regeneration Ring inside of the pyramid cap, a Golden Fire Infinite Heart at the bottom of the Coil, and a Golden Fire Wand (the brass tube) within the Coil.  These physical pieces are molded into the 60 degree pyramid geometry we call the Ascension Grid Pyramid. The energetics of the Harmonic Creation Field Trio is found within the pyramid, though adding a physical set of Rings to the Pyramid amps things up even more!


The Lepidolite comes from a sacred space near Angel Fire, New Mexico. The Quartz is a fine powdered milky quartz from the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Feldspar, also from the Black Hills, contains a variety of Quartz, Garnet, Tourmaline, Mica, Lepidolite, and other silica. 



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