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111 Heart Pendant

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A Heart Source Soul 111 Metatron Ring Infinite Heart Adjustable lanyard.


Before it was named the 111 Heart Pendant, it was called the “I-don’t-give-a-Sh*t-Ring” because the chaos, the drama, the worries, went away by taking you to a higher perspective. All that the Golden Fire is, comes through the Infinity, bringing in even more of that Creation Energy. The two work together by pulling your consciousness into the heart centre, while the higher soul connection occurs.


The 111 Heart Pendant is Created with the 111 Metatron Ring and Golden Fire Infinity takes you to a place of just Being. When you step into that light with the thought of just Being, everything happens. If you try to step in and “Do” something, it’s not as powerful… Infinity between you and soul. The 111 Ring with infinity brings through Creation Energy. For the person wearing it, in that it is more internal. The chaos drama worries away, from a higher perspective of the soul.